Circle II Circle
Trotz Split stronger than ever!


CIRCLE II CIRCLE haben eine Message auf ihrer Haomepage gepostet, dass sie trotz der kürzlichen Besetzungswechsel angeblich „stronger than ever“ seien“ und auch die Tour im Dezember mit Saxon Und Doro nicht in Gefahr sei. Hier das Original-Statement: „Due to some recent changes in the CIRCLE II CIRCLE camp we would like to assure everyone of our fans and business partners that Zak Stevens / CIRCLE II CIRCLE will be touring with SAXON and DORO in December for this year’s ‚best tour package‘ for 2003! These shows will be extremely exciting to see and Zak / CIRCLE II CIRCLE have some great surprises for all the European fans! CIRCLE II CIRCLE will now take it to another level. Also,… CIRCLE II CIRCLE will start recording its second record at Morrisound Studios in mid-January 2004 for an early April release. [SAVATAGE members] Jon Oliva and Chris Caffery will be co writing with Zak once again… and a very special guitarist will be debuted on this CD. Zak is currently looking at a HUGE spring touring schedule for next year,.. including many great summer festivals, leading up to a fantastic fall schedule currently in the works. CIRCLE II CIRCLE is stronger than ever and ready to bring great music and great performances to all the fans everywhere. We wish everyone great success! And we’ll see ya soon!“

Quelle: Blabbermouth

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