Chris Witchhunter Tribute Concert
Destruction treten auf


DESTRUCTION werden nun doch auf dem Chris Witchhunter Tribute Concert am 11.04.09 in der Turbinenhalle Oberhausen auftreten. Vorangegangen war ein klärendes Telefongespräch zwischen DESTRUCTION-Boss Marcel „Schmier“ Schirmer und Thomas „Angelripper“ Such (SODOM).

Dazu Schmier: „If this phone call would have happened earlier, all this painful confusion would have never taken place. SODOM and DESTRUCTION have both been on tour lately. I guess that did lead to a couple of misunderstandings that are all solved now!

There was never any intention to argue about this event in any case! Tom and myself have a friendship since 25 years. The lack of communication via third parties did lead to some turbulent misinterpreting.

I would like to point out, that we have moved our North American anniversary tour to play at this event. It was always very important to us. We have confirmed our participation already in late 2008. As some may remember, Chris toured with us before on the „Eternal Devastation“ tour in 1986 when our drummer Tommy left the band. Since that day we were real mates!

I hope that now, in behalf of this important event, all rumors and speculations will stop and we can pay tribute to a great lost friend. Sorry about the confusion. I guess we have all learned once again how important good, educated communication is.

I need to thank Tom from SODOM and Rob from ASSASSIN for their encouragement. See you at the show, folks!“


- Dreaming in Red -

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