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Dan Swanö wird die Tore seines legendären Unisound Studios wieder öffnen. The Man himself dazu:

„THE LEGEND IS BACK!!!!! (I always wanted to write that!!!)

I have decided to re-open the gates to Unisound Recordings (where I recorded bands like OPETH, KATATONIA, MARDUK, DISSECTION, MILLENCOLIN, EDGE OF SANITY and many, many more.).

This time things will be a little different though. I am not planning to build a big studio with tons of expensive gear. My primary goal will be to mix stuff…albums, songs, the sound for a DVD release etc. I will also do remixes and such.

Since one year [ago] I have mixed albums after work, and the clients have been so pleased with the result that I am beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t do this full-time again!! So, before I quit my dayjob, I just wanted to see if someone’s still interested to work with me??? Let me know at dan@swano.com.

For reference, you can contact the guys from NOVEMBERS DOOM, EDENS FALL, THIS HAVEN and THE PROJECT HATE. I have also done remixes for PAIN and, of course, my own stuff like the yet-to-be-officially-released ‚Nightfall Overture‘ album with NIGHTINGALE and I am also working with my magnum opus SECOND SKY…

So how do I work??

The albums from NOVEMBERS DOOM and EDENS FALL were recorded in America. The files were sent to me on DVDs and along with a rough-mix and a reference CD (a CD from another artist you wish to have a similar sound to), I mix a track and upload as high-res MP3 to my server…you download and listen in your own hi-fis, cars, etc. and all members join up and make of list of changes. We discuss overall changes like ‚The bass is too loud, the vocals needs to cut through more etc.‘ and also specific changes. The changes are suggested on a timeline like 01:22 ‚Toms too loud,‘ 02:32 ‚Acoustic Guitars lower,‘ etc., and after a few rounds, the album is mixed and PERFECT!! I have 100% total recall of all the gear in my mix-suite, so it´s only the details you wish to change that change… the rest of the mix remains EXACTLY the same. No matter how cool the studio monitors sound, we all want to hear what it sounds like in our own stereos before we get the feeling that ‚It’s ready!!‘ Just imagine to be able to listen to the mix in your own stereos and be able to change the details… and have them corrected within hours!! And once you cannot find any strange levels… that’s when the album is ready!!! No more annoying surprises when it’s too late!!!!

I will be available from October and onwards.“

Quelle: Blabbermouth

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