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Fans von CLAWFINGER, die bislang noch auf das angekündigte „Deafer, Dumber, Blinder – The 20 Years Anniversary Box“ gewartet haben, müssen jetzt ganz stark sein: CLAWFINGER haben sich nach 20 Jahren aufgelöst, und wie es ihrem Facebook-Statement zu entnehmen ist, scheinen sie sich diesen Schritt lange und gut überlegt zu haben:

Sometimes you grow together, sometimes you grow apart, sometimes you don’t grow anywhere but you still keep on going anyway for lack of better options because its all you know how to do! Anyway the simple truth here and now is that Clawfinger are calling it a day, throwing in the towel, going fishing, quitting and moving on to pursue other goals in life! After 20 years, 7 albums, more than a thousand gigs and 10 million beers consumed together it’s simply time to put the band to rest and do other things! Nothing is of course ever carved in stone but please don’t hold your breath, that is if anyboby out there is stupid enough to even consider doing so!:D

It’s been one hell of a ride, no doubt about it, bumpy yes, long and winding yes, full of dead ends and wrong turns but all the same one hell of a fucking ride, an experience to remember and treasure for life! All our love, repsect and admiration goes out to the people who have supported us along the way, the fans most of all because you’ve always been the fuel on our fire but hell, even the records companies deserve a little thanking at a time like this. There are too many people to thank but you know who you are and if you’ve been there for us so respect to you all for the love, patience and understanding you’ve shown us through the years. You’re dedication has been priceless and maybe we’ll see you out there again for the 30th anniversary if we decide to try & cash-in on past achievements with the old classic reunion trick, only time will tell!

Thank you for everything, respect and one love to you all! Clawfinger.

Das leichte Augenzwinkern zwischen den Zeilen lässt natürlich hoffen. Only time will tell…


Galerie mit 22 Bildern: Clawfinger - Reload Festival 2023
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1 Kommentar zu Clawfinger - haben sich aufgelöst!

  1. Pascal sagt:

    Naja, okay, irgendwie war das schon absehbar, glaube ich. Von denen ist schon lange nichts mehr gekommen. Weder große Ankündigungen, News oder eben dergleichen.