Beyond The Embrace
Zweitwerk im Kasten!


BEYOND THE EMBRACE haben die Aufnahmen zu ihrem zweiten Album „Insect Song“ abgeschlossen. Ab 17.5. könnt ihr es beim Dealer eures Vertrauens erwerben. Hier noch ein Statement von Gitarrist Oscar Gouveia: „Recording this album was very different from recording our first album. The whole process was something totally new in that with „Against the Elements“ we had been playing the songs for years so when we went into the studio we didn’t really need a producer to help us figure out where the songs needed to go. With this one we sat down with Ken (guitarist from Unearth) and played all of the songs live. Ken took notes on each song and was able to give us suggestions as an outside listener. The pre-production process was all new to us as well and Ken really helped us trim down our songs, find the best tones and nail the breakdowns. All in all we are really happy with the finished result. Ken said he would get us the guitar sounds that we wanted and he really came through.“ Hier die Tracklist der Scheibe: 1. Fleshengine Breakdown, 2. Plague, 3. My Fall, 4. …of every strain, 5. Redeemer, 6. Insect Song, 7. Ashes, 8. Weak and the Wounded, 9. Absent, 10. Within. Mehr Infos auf (Link).

Quelle: Metal Blade

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