Neue Single "Only Us"


Die Alternative-Rocker THRICE veröffentlichen nach „The Grey“ mit dem Album-Opener „Only Us“ einen weiteren Song mitsamt Lyric-Video aus ihrem am 14.09. auf Epitaph erscheinenden neuen Album „Palms“:

Frontmann Dustin Kenstrue kommentiert:
“‘Only Us’ came from thinking about how we’re so easily divided into ‘us’ and ‘them,’ when really we have an inherent ability to care for those in our group, and the parameters for who falls into that group are extremely flexible. It’s about how the things that we think separate us are actually inconsequential, and if we could broaden the idea of ‘us’ to include all people, it would help us to build a more loving and civil society.”

Quelle: Starkult Promotion

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