Toxic Taste
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TOXIC TASTE lassen mit einer Message und der Tracklist zum Debütalbum auf ihrem MySpace-Profil von sich hören:

„Message to the population of planet Earth exposed to Toxification!!!

We are currently working on compressing the sound files of our songs so that they can be listened to with the much less advanced technology you earthlings use! This is taking longer than we thought as your technology is so way behind! But rest assured, we are putting every effort into loading up new songs to this site as fast as possible!

There’s also some more good news for you! We have finished translating the lyrics of the songs to the English language which we figure most inhabitants of the earth understand and can now give you a list of the songs that will be on the thing called “Compact Disk” (on our home planet such a medium is not needed to listen to music – well, as we mentioned before, our technology is light-years ahead of yours):

1. Toxic Taste
2. N.C.R.
3. Neon Angel
4. Midnight Rodeo
5. Nightime’s waiting
6. She’s a rock
7. Tonight
8. Starlight Serenade
9. Raise your glass
10. T.T.S.G.
11. Come on strong
12. High (R)oc(k)tone
13. Anytime
14. Time of our life
15. Rock’n’Roll

So keep the toxic taste watering your mouths and keep your ears tuned for the pure listening pleasure of TOXIFICATION!“


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