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AGALLOCH haben die Tracklist und das Artwork (Link) ihres anstehenden Albums „Ashes Against The Grain“ veröffentlicht. Das Album wird folgende Songs enthalten:

01. Limbs
02. Falling Snow
03. This White Mountain on Which You Will Die
04. Fire Above, Ice Below
05. Not unlike the Waves
06. Our Fortress Is Burning… I
07. Our Fortress Is Burning… II – Bloodbirds
08. Our Fortress Is Burning… III – The Grain

Ein VÖ steht noch nicht, ist allerdings noch für dieses Jahr versprochen. Das Album wird als Jewelcase und als Digipak mit anderem Artwork erscheinen.

Wie bereits beim Stream des neuen Songs „Falling Snow“ (Link) auffällt, ist das Material direkter als der Vorgänger „The Mantle“. Sänger Haughm äußert sich so darüber:

„The album sounds distinctively like AGALLOCH but heavier and with elements of pure black metal, folky Scandinavian prog, and a touch of post rock. I was heavily influenced by recordings like THULE’s ‚Natt‘ album while writing ‚Limbs‘ and ‚Fire Above, Ice Below‘ and you can definitely hear that sort of brooding darkness in those songs. ‚Not unlike the Waves‘ is easily the heaviest thing we’ve ever recorded; yet at its foundation it is a neo-folk song. There’s also some up-tempo material like ‚Falling Snow‘ and moments of total ambience as well. This is definitely not an album that can be judged by one or two songs. Everything flows together as a dynamic whole and the red thread of the lyrics holds the album together. The lyrics this time unfold as an abstract and surreal folk tale. Although there is a framework of a concept, I wanted to create more of a dreamlike feeling with words than to merely ‚tell a story.‘ My source of inspiration for the lyrics came from the surreal films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Sergei Parajanov as well as Northern Folklore and myths, Siberian Vodka, and the crumbling world around us all.“

Eine Studiogalerie gibt es hier: (Link).

Galerie mit 16 Bildern: Agalloch - Ragnarök 2012
Quelle: Blabbermouth

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