Aside From A Day
geben Auflösung bekannt


Aside From A Day

Die französischen Post-Metaller ASIDE FROM A DAY haben einen Schlussstrich gezogen und ihre Auflösung bekanntgegeben. Auf ihrer Facebook-Seite veröffentlichte die Band dazu folgendes Statement:

FAREWELL and of course thank you !!

Here we are, after 15 years of passion and dedication, the band is no more. It’s time for us to part ways and close this chapter of our life.

There’s no specific reasons to this fact, it’s just the end cause we feel that it’s time to do so.

We would like to thank all the people who have supported us in any ways since the beginning.

The list would be too fastidious but we would like to quote a few of them. Gamin, our sound engineer who has followed us since the beginning. All the people at Art-scenic Recordings, Exutoire Records, Impure Muzik, Division Records and Modern Obsession Booking. Thanks for trusting us.

To all the bands we played with and all the promoters, thanks for sharing time and fun with us…

The band is dead, long live the band.
Thanks and good bye.

Fred – Dess – Nico – Julien – Seb

Ob es eine Abschieds-Show geben wird, ist derzeit noch unbekannt.

Quelle: Band via Facebook

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