Brian Redman
Ex-3 INCHES OF BLOOD ist gestorben


Brian Redman, der als Bassist auf dem 3 INCHES OF BLOOD-Album „Advance And Vanguish“ (2004) zu hören ist, ist nach einem Motorrad-Unfall gestorben.

Brian befand sich am 26.09.2009 auf dem Heimweg, als er in Tacoma, Washington, die Kontrolle über sein Motorrad verlor. Der Sturz verursachte schwere innere Verletzungen, an denen er am nächsten Tag im Krankenhaus verstarb.

Die Band schreibt mit heutigem Datum auf ihrer Homepage:

„We are shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of our friend and former band mate Brian Redman. Brian was a outgoing and charismatic person who was great friends with most people he met. We couldnt help but smile or laugh when he was around. He had such a likable personality but also had a knack for putting serious things into perspective. While in the band Brian played a big part. He joined the band shortly after signing a big record deal, and endured the turmoil that followed after recording our Advance and Vanquish album. For a time the bands future was uncertain, but Brian was unwavering in his desire to play this music with us. He was loved by many and enjoyed life to the fullest. Goodbye Brian, our fallen brother. You will be greatly missed.“

R.I.P. Brian Redman

Quelle: 3 Inches Of Blood

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