Century Media
"Covering 20 Years Of Extremes"-Compilation zum Jubiläum


Century Media feiern ihren 20. Geburtstag. Am 12. September werden sie dieses Ereignis mit dem Release der „Covering 20 Years Of Extremes“-Compilation feiern. Die Tracklist:

CD 1 (67:36)

1. Arch Enemy: Dream Evil “The Book Of Heavy Metal”
2. Dark Tranquillity: Sentenced “Broken”
3. Heaven Shall Burn: Tiamat “Whatever That Hurts”
4. Shadows Fall: Only Living Witness “December”
5. Brand New Sin: Iced Earth “Watching Over Me”
6. Wolf: Moonspell “Alma Mater”
7. Mercenary: Arch Enemy “Burning Angel”
8. God Forbid: Merauder “Master Killer”
9. Warbringer: Unleashed „Execute Them All“
10. Grave: Asphyx “Vermin”
11. Architects: Stampin’ Ground “Officer Down”
12. Napalm Death: Despair “Outconditioned”
13. Krisiun: Demolition Hammer “Human Dissection”
14. Cryptopsy: Strapping Young Lad “Oh My Fucking God”
15. Maroon: Samael “Baphomet’s Throne”
16. Watch Them Die: Bloodbath “Breeding Death”

CD 2 (66:47 min)

1. Firewind: Nevermore “Believe In Nothing”
2. Dream Evil: Arch Enemy “Let The Killing Begin”
3. Fear My Thoughts: Heaven Shall Burn “The Weapon They Fear”
4. The Agonist: Dark Tranquillity “Monochromatic Stains”
5. The Forsaken: Grave “You’ll Never See”
6. Devian: Morgoth “Isolated”
7. Heaven Shall Burn: Merauder “Downfall Of Christ”
8. Aborted: Turmoil “Playing Dead”
9. Terror: SubZero “Boxed In”
10. Napalm Death: Hellhammer “Messiah”
11. Asphyx: Celtic Frost “Os Abysmi Vel Daath”
12. Zimmers Hole: Old Man’s Child “Doommaker”
13. Fu Manchu: Penance “Words To Live By”
14. Manntis (feat. In This Moment): Lacuna Coil “Heaven’s A Lie”
15. Kivimetsän Druidi: The Gathering “Leaves”
16. Intronaut: Eyehategod “Dixie Whiskey”

Ab sofort werden Century Media jeden Donnerstag einen anderen Song der Compilation bei MySpace präsentieren: (Link).

Quelle: Promotion Century Media Records

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