Anfang Oktober geht's ins Studio!


CRIMINAL werden ab dem 3.10. die Springvale Studios in Suffolk, UK, in Beschlag nehmen und dort den Nachfolger zu „Cancer“ (2001) einholzen. Produzieren wird die Band selbst, das Engineering übernimmt Mark Harwood (EXTREME NOISE TERROR, CRADLE OF FILTH). Hier ein kleines Update von Frontmann Anton Reisenegger: „Last weekend I went over to the UK and we got to finish the songwriting. I think people are in for a real surprise when they hear the new material. We’ve incorporated loads of blast beats, huge harmonies and some really interesting ideas. In this respect it has been really great to work with [new drummer] Zac [O’Neil]. He can play anything he wants and has taken the band to a whole new dimension. I know most bands say their newest album is always their fastest, heaviest, etc., but this is for real! As for the keyboards, I know a lot of people are having a hard time trying to imagine CRIMINAL with keys, but we’re just using them to make things sound bigger and heavier. The trademark CRIMINAL sound is still there in full force!“ Der Arbeitstitel der Scheibe lautet „Supersonic Death“. In Europa ist die VÖ der Scheibe auf Anfang 2004 terminiert.

Quelle: Metal Blade

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