...sagen Summer Breeze ab!


Die schwedischen Thrasher von DARKANE sind leider gezwungen ihren Auftritt auf dem diesjährigen Summer Breeze abzusagen. Grund dafür ist, dass sie donnerstags hätten spielen müssen, wofür sie aber keinen Urlaub von ihren regulären Jobs mehr bekommen haben. Hierzu ein Statement der Band: „We are very sorry that we are not going to play Summer Breeze this year, and we want to give you an explanation why. We were booked a year ago and thought that we would be playing during the weekend so we accepted to play though we would only get 2/3 of the travelling costs paid. But then we got the news about two weeks ago that we had to play Thursday at 16:00. This meant that we would have to take 3 days off from our work without payment (yes, Darkane isn’t big enough to quit our regular jobs) and we could not afford it. We would have to go to Germany on Wednesday morning and go back home on Friday (because of flight schedules) and after our tours we have no vacation left to take out from our works. It’s a lot for all five of us to loose three days of salary each. So we asked Summer Breeze to put us later on the bill and we were offered that there would be a possibility to play at 12:50 on Saturday for 25 minutes and we accepted it. It would be a short set, but at least we would play. This would have been ok since we would only have to take Friday off work, and we were willing to do it even if it meant loosing money for us. We really wanted to play the festival and we’ve heard a lot of good words about it from other bands. But a few days ago we got the news from Summer Breeze that we could not play Saturday, and that made it impossible for us to play the festival at all. So again we’re sorry, but it doesn’t make any sense for us to loose a lot of our personal income to play the festival. Nobody should have to pay to play! We don’t blame the festival, but this is the way it is. We hope all you metal fans will have a great festival, and that Darkane will be able to play near you on another occasion. Peter and Christofer – DARKANE“

Quelle: Nuclear Blast

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