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Marco Kehren hat seine Band DEINONYCHUS zu Grabe getragen. Hier ist sein Statement zum Abschied: „After many many years of being a musician in the metal scene, having done more than 13 albums, including sidesteps with DARK SANCTUARY and BETHLEHEM, and numerous compilations etc., I think it’s time to call it a day and put DEINONYCHUS to rest.
I just can’t find any motivation anymore to go on with something I can’t completely give all for. I have done it in the past, but my mind has slipped of DEINONYCHUS and meanwhile I’m doing something completely different. Something where I feel that same vibe as 16 years ago… something I missed with DEINONYCHUS for at least the last 6 years… I think „Warfare Machines“ our last effort is a worthwhile crown on DEINONYCHUS‘ 16 years career. And as they say… one better stops with a good album rather than continueing going down hill. I probably have so much more to say, but I’m just loss for words… I can only say… thank you to all people worldwide for believing and supporting DEINONYCHUS over all those years. Without you all would have been for nothing. I will be looking back with pride on what I’ve achieved more or less on my own as a musician/songwriter/manager etc. I’ll continue on with my new project NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE which mixes everything from Martial-Ambient-industrial to Powernoise… Something completely different from what I’ve done so far… Take care you all, and thanks for everything. Especially My Kingdom Music for their neverlasting support and friendship over the last seven years… I wish them all the best in the future…
Greetings and see you around…“

Quelle: My Kingdom Music

- Dreaming in Red -

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