Pungent Stench


Die Österreicher PUNGENT STENCH haben sich offenbar aufgrund bandinterner Konflikte endgültig aufgelöst, alle angekündigten Konzerte sind damit abgesagt. Das geplante Album soll aber – soweit möglich – dennoch veröffentlicht werden.
Gitarrist und Sänger Martin Schirenc alias Don Cochino veröffentlichte im offiziellen Forum der Band folgendes Statement:

„Dear boys and girls!

You probably have noticed that I didn’t post any updates on our forthcoming album for the last four weeks and now I have a sad announcement to make:

Due to band internal disputes, both personal and business related, we came to the point where it’s impossible to continue making music together.
All upcoming shows have been cancelled and there won’t be any further live activities in the future, at least not with the current line-up.
This wasn’t an easy decision and, speaking strictly for me, I wish we could have worked things out. Unfortunately, we couldn’t come to a compromise settlement. However, I’ll do everything in my power to release this album, since I believe it’s too good to be trashed and mostly because we owe it to you, our loyal fans! I will also continue making music together with El Gore, who had a big bearing on the new album and is a great musician and friend. I hope you understand my position and I would be pleased to see you at a show of my future musical projects, because I ain’t done rockin‘, yet!

Thank you for your abiding support and sympathy, but the time has come for me to move on and break new ground.

Martin Schirenc (el cochino)“

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