Cornelius sucht nach Mitstreiter


Cornelius von Jackhelln, den man von SOLEFALD und seinem Bandprojekt STURMGEIST kennt, sucht nun für letzteres neue Mitstreiter:

„Yours truly is currently traveling Berlin and Germany for musicians. I have posted ads in the forums of Metal Hammer and Rock Hard. The ads have been out there for some time already, and so far I have got only one (1!) reply. I find it quite amazing, how slowly people react to such ads. There are also several other bands advertising in the forums, over and over again. So it does not only seem to be a STURMGEIST thing. Why is it so difficult to recruit good musicians through Internet ads? I guess — well, I know — that personal contact facilitates everything. Finding skilled people in Oslo (Norway) would be a lot easier, as I know scores of musicians up there. But as I live in Berlin, that is also where STURMGEIST ought to be! So: Drop me a line, if you know anyone up for the job! The Metal Hammer ad can be checked out here (Link). STURMGEIST is looking for you.“

Quelle: Sturmgeist

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