The Black League
Neues Album kommt im März


Die finnischen Southern Rocker THE BLACK LEAGUE veröffentlichen endlich ein neues Album. Der Release von „Ghost Brothel“ ist bereits für März über das neue Label Brainbomber geplant.

Dazu die Band: „Lo and Behold! Can you believe this shit? THE new BLACK LEAGUE album is FINALLY about to see the light of day! Scheduled for a March 2009 release thru the newly established Brainbomber label and Edel records, THE LEAGUE’s 5th full-length, ominously entitled „Ghost Brothel“, is bound to stir some shit up! When it „hits the fan“, so to speak…

„Ghost Brothel“ has been in the works for the last three years – two years in the studio, no less – morphing and twisting beyond belief as the LEAGUE navigated once again to unchartered territories with the lead of producer extraordinaire Hannu Leidén. What was originally conceived as a straight-forward follow-up to their 2005 rocker „A Place Called Bad“ turned out as the band’s most complex and challenging work since their debut „Ichor“ (2000).

This is the recipe: 1 part ROCK (AD/CD, Hendrix, Hurriganes, Skynyrd, Stooges), 1 part METAL (Motörhead, Sabbath, CoC, Danzig), 1 part UNDEFINABLE INSANITY (Floyd, Doors, King Crimson, Cave, Cohen, Waits). Add two decades of solid field experience and 10 years of TBL madness. Serve up with topmost volume & a decent load of assorted intoxicants and there you have it… Hope it was worth the wait. For us in the League camp, it sure was. And what a fuckin‘ ride…“

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- Dreaming in Red -

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