Unterzeichnen bei Season Of Mist


ATROX haben einen Vertrag bei Season Of Mist Records unterzeichnet und werden über diese ihr drittes Album veröffentlichen. Zur Zusammenarbeit äußert die Band sich wie folgt:

„After having journeyed through the blistering white silence for a long time, we climbed the high towers of the landscape. Only equipped with our binoculars, we sat there for days, weeks, months, even years passed by. Observing. Monitoring. Gently assembling the pieces. Suddenly, the perspective exceeded before us, enlightening us, sharing its secrets. We finally found the formula with all the ones and zeros in the right order. We could go higher, deeper, beyond the boundaries that we once had created and into a higher level of consciousness. ATROX have always been considered visionaries in the metal genre, and this will in no way change with the new album release. However, this time we have focused more on building stronger structures, spent years on finding the right recipe so that we could blend all components into the Atroxsphere, leaving us with a high-intensity acoustic and digital energy product.
This is an ambitious record, certain to be the best ATROX album to date. Musically this will be an album full of contrasts. Contrasts of old and new, organic and mechanic. Modern electronics meets vintage instruments in a rare symbiosis. It can be weird, it can be complex, it can be smooth. In the name of Retrofuture and White Silent Binoculars.“

Quelle: Season Of Mist

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