Statement zur Festivalsabsage!


Fogende Sätze von BORKNAGAR-Mastermind Øystein G. Brun flatterten uns bezüglich der Absage des Summer Breeze und des Metalfests in Wien in den Kasten: „The last couple of month’s we have been totally occupied with the recording of our new album, a process in which has been postponed and extended in time. Therefore, we have not managed to incorporate with a session guitarist yet. As for live shows we need a replacement for Jens F. Ryland, whom left the band earlier this year. Time is running and we regard it as unrealistic for us to get the line-up sorted till the end of August, to do these shows. Therefore we have decided to cancel the shows now and not the week before. There might be an overall impression that we have cancelled allot of shows lately. In our defence I would draw attention to the fact that this is the very first time we cancel because of internal band related matters. To this point all cancellations has been due to external factors, out of our control. Our new album is being released early next year. In relation to that we’ll for sure see you out there, somewhere…… Again, we are sorry! Regards, Øystein G. Brun on behalf of BORKNAGAR“

Galerie mit 20 Bildern: Borknagar - Winter Thrice Tour 2016
Quelle: Century Media

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