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Die Aufnahmen zum neuen Album “The Fury Of Our Maker´s Hand“ sind komplett. Dez bekam das finale Master gestern und berichtete, dass sich sein Wohnzimmer sofort in einen Moshpit mit seiner Familie, seinen Freunden und der Band verwandelte, als sie sich die neuen Songs anhörten. Das neue Cover kann man sich auf anschauen.

Was es noch aus der Welt von Devil Driver zu berichten gibt, lest selbst:

„We’ve been rehearsing for our upcoming Machine Head/The Haunted/It Dies Today shows. The rehearsals have been going amazing, the band is a machine right now. We’ll be main support, and that gives us an opportunity to play 10/11 songs as opposed to the usual 7/8. We have a few surprises for the hardcore DevilDriver fans out there – we’ll be playing a few songs off of the debut that we have never played live before (not gonna tell ya which ones). As well, a cover will be thrown into the mix…again, not gonna tell ya which one, just come out to see. We’ll also be playing 2 new songs off the upcoming The Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand, so get ready for that.

„After the MH run, we’ll see you out this summer on The Sounds Of The Underground tour, featuring Clutch, Chimaira, Opeth, and a host of other great bands. We’ll be going on between noon and 3:00 each day, so get there early if you wanna play with the devil.

„We received the final master of the album yesterday, and my living room became a pit last night filled with family, friends, and the band all listening. Gotta say, Colin Richardson, thank you. This sound created will set us apart and elevate us to where we wanna be.

„Looking forward to healthy dose of touring.”

Galerie mit 22 Bildern: DevilDriver - Spirit in Black 2018
Quelle: Roadrunner Records

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