...wieder im Studio!


DEW-SCENTED haben mit Produzent Andy Classen dessen Stage One Studios in Beschlag genommen, um dort den Nachfolger zum letztjährigen „Inwards“-Hammer aufzunehmen. Erscheinen soll das noch unbetitelte Album im September über Nuclear Blast Records. Hier ein Statement der Band: „We would prefer not to reveal any song-titles or album title ideas at this stage because we still have quite some weeks ahead into finalizing the record, so things could still change drastically. Then again, I can already tell you that we have nailed down a total of 15 songs onto tape for this new (still untitled album). 12-13 songs of those ones will be on the regular album and the rest will be used as bonus tracks. Among those 15 tracks (aaargh – a full hour of blood, sweat and thrash!), we have two cover versions (one metal classic and a ‚punk‘ song) as well as a re-recorded version of the track ‚Skybound‘ which originally appeared on our ’99 album ‚Ill-Natured‘.“

Galerie mit 20 Bildern: Dew Scented - Rockharz 2017
Quelle: Nuclear Blast

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