Life Of Agony
Pläne für neues Studioalbum!


Die wiedervereinigten LIFE OF AGONY haben Pläne für ein neues Studioalbum bekannt gegeben, das gegen Ende 2004 erscheinen soll. Drummer Sal Abruscato sagte zu „I foresee the new material being like ‚This Time‘ times ten. A bit more aggressive, and written better at the same time… More appealing to everyone in the world! We all have grown more as people and musicians. Back [in the early days] we were a lot younger and wilder, now we have more respect and compassion for each other, and I feel that’s important for the relationship. But the magic chemistry we have has not changed at all since the 90’s. We can still rip the stage apart! The future of LIFE OF AGONY looks bright and I for see great albums in the works again.“ LIFE OF AGONYs schon länger angekündigtes Doppel-Live-Album samt DVD, „River Runs Again: Live 2003“, erscheint am 20.10. über SPV Records.

Galerie mit 29 Bildern: Life Of Agony – Eier mit Speck 2019
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