Video bald veröffentlicht


Die progressive Metaller von PLATITUDE gaben auf ihrer Website Infos zum Verbleib des lang erwarteten Videos zu „Silence Speaks“ bekannt:

„As some of you might remember, we started shooting a video for ‚Silence Speaks‘ early this year. Production was supposed to have been finished in late May. Unfortunately we had an accident only one week prior to completion. The external drive, on which most of the finished video material was stored crashed and there was nothing to do about it. The files couldn’t be saved due to physical damage of the disks in the drive.

„Due to this, production was set back a great deal of time. The material shot with the band playing was reserved and re-edited in June and premiered on TV in connection with the 2006 Roskilde Festival. But it was only a preview. All other material has been lost forever.

„Here is the great news though. This week, a new script was written for the material that is going to to make up the story for the video. Production is set to begin in a week. There are still some uncertainties concerning production and above all actors, so no date for completion will be anounced yet. We will get back to you with more news soon.“


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