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Die italienischen Extreme Metaller RESURRECTURIS schmeißen ihr drittes Album „Non Voglio Morire“ als freien Download unter die Metal-Massen. Ihr könnt euch das Teil auf der bandeigenen Hompage (Link) ziehen.

Bandkopf Carlo Strappa kommentiert die Aktion wie folgt:

„The people at Casket Music were pretty perplexed with my intention to allow the free download of our music, but I was pretty much convinced that I wanted to do this, there was not much that they could say to make me change my mind. Besides just a couple of days after the album’s official release date I could find the mp3 rip of the album on blogs and sites from Russia, South America and so on, so I don’t think I have done this big damage to record sales.
The commercial version of „Non Voglio Morire“ includes a bonus DVD with our videoclip + some live songs and other stuff, besides the cover artwork is really nice and rich, so there’s many reasons to get it if somebody is interested. On the other hand whe somebody simply wants to check us out he can go to and be sure to find a quality rip of the songs with the right titles and everything in the right place.“

Quelle: Sure Shot Worx

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