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TROLLFEST werden am 24. Februar 2017 ihr neues Studioalbum “Helluva” via NoiseArt Records auf das geneigte Partyvolk loslassen. Die Norweger, die sich selbst dem Balkan-Metal-Genre zuordnen haben zur Einstimmung einen weiteren Trailer veröffentlicht:

Übrigens, TROLLFEST haben noch eine Botschaft mitgeschickt, das sagen die Jungs zu “Helluva”:

“Out of Kaos, into more Kaos!
We have been holding this close to our hearts for some time now, but finally, oh finally, the sweet release is upon us! Our new album is here! To our joy and satisfaction, it will be released February 24th, 2017! We call this beautiful baby HELLUVA, and she is the result of many long months of demoing, arranging, recording, re-recording, cutting, compressing, computing and confusing, laughing and loathing, singing and screaming, spitting and sneering.
The pride we have for this album is unfathomable, and we are so happy to finally share it with all our lovable fans!
Like the perfect omelette, we also busted quite a few eggs (braincells and bloodvessels) during this conception. So even though we still produce a helluva mess in the kitchen, the meals we make are always tasty to the EXTREME! So here we stand at the brink of the coming release, shivering with anticipation, ravenous for road rage and trembling with tenacity! HELLUVA comes with a 100% “Knock-your-socks-off guarantee”, that is a promise! LET’S GO!!!”

Galerie mit 15 Bildern: Trollfest - "Folk Metal Superstars"-Tour 2018
Quelle: NoiseArt Records

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