Begeben sich ins Studio


Die britischen Deathmetaller BENEDICTION werden bald die Studios entern. Folgendes Statement hat die Band veröffentlicht:

„OK, they’ve talked and talked about it for long enough. The boys will be going into the studio on November 21 (booked and confirmed!) to actually record the fucking album („Killing Music“) at long last. It will be released at the end of March 2008 and a full tour will commence in April 2008 for God knows how long followed by as many festivals that will allow them to play!!! There will be at least 12 tracks on the final mix, maybe more, if the studio can keep them out of the bar for long enough. Let’s hope they manage to stay alive long enough to get in the studio considering the mayhem they cause by just popping out for a few drinks together!!! Get the ambulances ready, it’s gonna get messy.“

Galerie mit 15 Bildern: Benediction - Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2022
Quelle: Nuclear Blast

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Benediction auf Tour

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