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Die französischen Melodic-Deather DESTINITY stellen in Form eines Videos ihren neuen Frontmann Yan Pierrat (ex-X-VISION, FIFTEEN) vor. Ex-Sänger Mick verließ die Band im Sommer diesen Jahres.

Hier das Statement der Band:
„Hail friends and fans! It has been a few months without much news from us, during which we went through a recent line up change but also a new direction for the band. DESTINITY is now proud to present its new singer YAN PIERRAT (former lead singer of X-VISION and current singer of the band FIFTEEN ) . After having auditioned quite a number of applicants, we chose Yan for his outstanding performance that impressed all of us in terms of energy and vocal ability. He also has various experiences on stage which will surely bring some freshness and a modern touch for DESTINITY’s future . And now a short message from YAN for you guys :

„It is with great pride that I join DESTINITY as lead singer. I wish to thank them for their trust and I can’t wait to meet you all on our next gigs ! “ Yan, a warm welcome in the DESTINITY clan ! We are really excited to introduce him to you on stage very soon…and believe us, he’ll blow you away !

We also wish to thank all the participants who submitted their applications. Thank you from the bottom of hearts for the interest that you showed for the band!

Now we’ll let you assess Yan’s vocal abilities with this video on the song „BLACK SUN RISING“ directed ANTHONY DUBOIS (big thanks to him for his awesome work). New promotional pictures will be in in a few days as well as announcements of the first dates for 2014 !! Thank you all for your unwavering support in helping us diffuse this great moment in the career of the band by sharing the status as well as the video . We’re back! And ready to kick some ass !!

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