Engine Of Pain
Trennen sich von ihrem Sänger


Die niederländischen Thrasher ENGINE OF PAIN haben sich von ihrem Sänger Nick Hameury getrennt. Sie gaben dazu Folgendes bekannt:

„We have some news that we want to share with you all. Nick Hameury [vocals] will leave ENGINE OF PAIN within a very short period of time. Of course we are very sad and disheartened that he won’t be a part of the band anymore, but on the other hand we are very happy for him that he made his wish come true to build up another and hopefully better life in Spain. Nick gave up his dream a few years ago, but unexpectedly got a chance to apply for a job in Madrid and he will be hired for an unlimited period of time. Of course ENGINE OF PAIN will remain, don’t even think about it!! Despite Nick’s departure, our label Lion Music keeps on supporting the band. So many thanks to Lasse Mattson for declaring his faith in ENGINE OF PAIN. However, it will definitely be a new chapter for ENGINE OF PAIN’s course of life, so on the other hand it’s quite exciting for us as well. The band is already in the process of looking for a new vocalist and we will inform you about any news about that topic [as soon as possible].“

Die Webseite der Band findet Ihr unter diesem (Link).

Quelle: Blabbermouth

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