Ill Nino
Europa-Tour abgesagt!


ILL NINO haben ihre vorher angekündigte Europa Tour komplett abgesagt. Der Grund für die Absage ist ein Skate-Unfall des Schlagzeugers Danny Couto, bei dem er sich sein Handgelenk verletzte und sich einen Bänderriss zuzog.

Hier das offizielle Statement der Band:

„It is with sincere regret that we must announce that ILL NINO will not be able to perform its upcoming European tour. Danny Couto, ILL NINO’s percussionist, and also semi-pro skateboarder, was in a skateboarding accident late Wednesday night (August 2). Danny landed on his wrist and tore a ligament and is unable to use his right wrist and arm. This accident makes it impossible for Danny to perform in the upcoming European tour. ILL NINO works and lives like a family and each member is integral to every show. ILL NINO feel that performing without Danny not only takes away from the live show, but is unfair to the fans who expect nothing less than an amazing show. We promise to make up the shows as soon as possible. Thanks for supporting ILL NINO!“

Quelle: Blabbermouth

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