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Der Drummer Dave Kinkade (INSATANITY, ex-DIVINE EMPIRE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN) hat folgendes verlauten lassen:

„I have decided to release a pre-production demo of one of the new INSATANITY songs since I’ve been getting emails asking ‚What the fuck?‘ everyday. This is a super-raw, unmixed/unmastered version of a song called ‚The Plague of Amon‘ with one scratch guitar track and the kick drums are way too loud. I hope you like it. It gets the point across. It’s my best drum work yet by far. This project gave me a chance to step up to the plate, and writing my own parts for the first time really feels good. I’ve always had to play in bands where the music was already written and with people who can’t stand for some change. NEVER AGAIN.

Anyway, this is by far the fastest thing I’ve ever heard… The funny thing is though, this is one of the medium speed songs on the album. This material has a very brutal but catchy feel. It sticks in my head all day so I guess that a good thing when writing anything.

We will be heading out on a headlining tour to support this bastard of an album this summer plus we will be torturing Virginia with the legendary BENEDICTION on October 6th at Jaxx.“

Die Drumming-Pre-Production des Stücks „The Plague Of Amon“ könnt Ihr Euch bei Myspace unter diesem (Link) anhören.

Quelle: Blabbermouth

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