Neuer Sänger


Wie die polnische Band NEUROTHING bekanntgab, hat sie einen neuen Sänger namens Fajfer:

„It’s time to inform you about changes in the band. Fajfer joined our crew and he’s the new vocalist in Neurothing. He already did some vocal parts and we’re sure it’s this what we wanted. It’s a new time in the band’s life. A fresh motivation and originality gives the band a lot of opportunities to challenge new levels. Neurothing seems to be one keep on going strong force.“

Fajfer selbst äußert sich dazu wie folgt:

„I know Neurothing since time the very first band’s sound came out and even longer I know the band members. I always respected them for uncompromising attitude to music creation and the way they run the band. I said ‘’no’’ few years ago when they asked me to join the band because I was busy with other projects but fortunately I got a second chance and there’s no excuses now. New tracks are a big music challenge. I’ve been working on songs since April in my home studio and there are few parts like song ‘’Kill It’’ ready to kill you!!!

It’s not time to hit the table with fist, it’s time to smash it with forehead. It’s not screaming time, it is throat bleeding time. It’s not just killing, it is a sloth age. There are no new days, there is a new reality…“

Weitere Infos zur Band findet Ihr auf ihrer Webseite oder bei Myspace: (Link), (Link)

Quelle: Neurothing

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