The Kandidate
Neuer Sänger


Ex-HATESPHERE-Sänger Jacob Bredahl ist neuer Sänger bei THE KANDIDATE. Die Band hat folgendes Statement veröffentlicht:

„It’s a great honor to officially welcome our new singer Jacob Bredahl into the ranks of THE KANDIDATE. For us it wasn’t the purpose to talk Jacob into playing with us when we entered his studio, but it sure was an option that we had talked about. We all knew Jacob and love him for his personality and his great skills as a vocalist, skills that definitely covers what we have been looking for in a singer since we started the band. When Jacob expressed his excitement about the new material and that it was right up his alley as a vocalist, all we needed was a few late night talks and the case was clear.

At this moment Jacob is doing the vocals for the album and our first gigs will be on the 20th of May at Loppen, Copenhagen as support for the mighty DISFEAR and NINE and on the 6th of June at Musikcafeen, Århus with AS WE FIGHT and FIJI.

Check out some roughly mixed samples from our debut album with the working title Until „We Are Outnumbered“ on our updated myspace page here (Link).“

Quelle: The Kandidate

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