Trio Niskalaukaus
Timo Rautiainen hat die Band verlassen


Timo Rautiainen hat bekanntgegeben, dass er seine Arbeit mit der Band nicht fortsetzen wird, das Management gab dazu Folgendes bekannt:


Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus have decided not to return. In the spring 2004 the band started the long break, but now after serious discussions and several band meetings, they decided not to return anymore.

One of the main reasons to this decision was that they all felt that in order to make a new album and to start touring again, they would seriously need a new angle to the whole thing; they do not want to repeat themselves and not make the same albums again.

In other words: during their 8-year existence the band already got everything – and more, that ever could have dreamed: bunch of Gold records, number one chart
positions, headlining slots at several festivals, recorded two albums in German, toured Germany supporting HIM and all in all had a career that many musicians can only dream of.

Most importantly, all the band members still remain as good friends and are continuing to play, write and to do shows with their new groups and various projects; Timo with his solo band (, the other guys with their own ways.

Last but not least, Timo and the boys want to thank their loyal fans & supporters (definitely also in Germany !) from the bottom of their hearts for this ultimate, once in a lifetime experience -without You guys this could not have been possible !!!“

Quelle: Cyclone Empire

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