Zombie Girl
Probleme mit der Zensur


ZOMBIE GIRL stoßen mit ihren Plänen für die Gestaltung ihres neuen Albums auf Probleme mit der Zensur – schon vier Presswerke lehnten es ab, das Booklet von „Blood, Brains & Rock’n Roll“ zu drucken. Lest hier das Statement Seba Dolimonts von Alfa Matrix:

„Pass me the expression, but I am pissed off by the people responsible for this censorship. Their decisions are clearly based on preconceived ideas. On top, you must know that 2 of these pressing plants have pressed hundred thousands of CD’s for Alfa Matrix in the past! And now for non-founded reasons they put us in such a difficult situation that we might have to push back the street date of the album. This is not fair to the ZOMBIE GIRL fans and certainly not fair towards the band itself! If there were any offensive or unacceptable image in the booklet, we would ourselves have talked about it with the artists but unlike certain mainstream artists that have made a trademark of using less innocent artwork material, ZOMBIE GIRL are not guilty of using offensive images.“

Er fügt hinzu: „Whoever is familiar with ZOMBIE GIRL’s artistic concept and the particular sense of humor that is hidden behind their work, will not be surprised that
with an album titled „Blood, Brains & Rock’n Roll“ that we would of course find lots of blood, brains, and rock’n roll in the artwork design of the album itself. Now that some plastic brains covered in fake blood generate such censoring reactions is beyond understanding. I see much more shocking images every day on the TV news…“

Das Label gab bekannt, dass es nicht daran denkt, irgendwas an den Artworks zu ändern. Die abgelehnten Bilder könnt Ihr Euch unter folgenden Links anschauen: (Link), (Link)

Quelle: Alfa Matrix

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