Hate Eternal
und Derek Roddy gehen getrennte Wege!


Wie nun bekannt wird, ist Schlagzeuger Derek Roddy bei HATE ETERNAL ausgestiegen. Hier nun sein Statement bezüglich seiner Entscheidung:

„Real life situations have forced me to resign as a member of HATE ETERNAL.

I can on longer afford the expenses of touring.
I have put MUCH thought into this for the last several years and kept coming to this conclusion.
I must be able to afford the quaility of life that I enjoy, and thus far… touring in extreme bands has not allowed me to do anything other than go into a financial hole. Every tour has put me in finanancial burden.
Now, I’m not complaining (because I never expected to „make it“ playing metal) But, I cannot continue to pay to do it either!!! Too expensive.

Besides, I value the scene and would rather GIVE my music away than be insulted at the end of the year with a $600.00 royalty check!!!!

This, in NO WAY, means I won’t be recording and releasing extreme music. In fact, you will hear more from me (as I now have the freedom to do what I want when I want.)

I wish HATE ETERNAL the best of luck.“

Quelle: SMNnews

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