The Arcane Order
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Anfang 2008 soll via Metal Blade „In the Wake of Collisions“, das neue Album von THE ARCANE ORDER erscheinen. Die Tracklist, noch ohne feste Reihenfolge, liest sich wie folgt:

01. Reverence
02. The Serpent Tower
03. Eruptions Of Red
04. Reason And Hubris
05. As Oceans Become Deserts
06. Death Is Imminent
07. The Aftermath
08. Sanctity Of Allegiance
09. As Sleep Is Buried In Gold
10. Sentiment Of Horror

Gitarrist Lund kommentiert: „We will enter Jacob Hansen’s studio next Tuesday — just a few days from now. We are currently rehearsing like freakin‘ crazy to get all the final details ready. The stuff is turning out better and better everytime we rehearse, and we are extremely excited and proud with what we have come up with for you guys this time! We simply cannot wait to finally record these songs and hear how they actually sound, when everything is put together! The new stuff is somewhat different from the songs you heard on [THE ARCANE ORDER’s 2006 debut] “The Machinery of Oblivion” — but we are quite confident you’re gonna like it!“

Quelle: Metal Blade

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