Trail of Tears
Statement zur Bandauflösung


Wir kürzlich berichtet haben TRAIL OF TEARS sich aufgelöst, nun gab Ronny Thorsen sein Statement ab:

„The following lines are written in the attempt to clarify the news that have been circulating over the past few days.

On 26 Nov., Trail of Tears completed a 10-day tour of Mexico, a tour which was in large parts ridden with logistical problems and resulted in a severe financial loss for everyone involved. As a result, I was called to the band hotel in the morning of November 28 for a meeting by the other members. Upon my arrival, I was told that because of the situation the other members had decided to end the band effective immediately. This decision was made without my consultation or approval, and thus it is left for me to clarify that Trail of Tears has not disbanded. The band will continue in a new shape and formation.

Though I am very disappointed by the decision of the other band members, the decision to leave a band is an individual choice that I completely respect. However, due to the short notice of these departures, I am forced to cancel the upcoming X-Mas Tour in support of Trail of Tears‘ forthcoming release „Existentia“. My sincerest apologies are extended to the fans and those behind the scenes.

Despite the current situation, I want to thank the leaving members for the amazing times we shared in the past. I will always consider you my brothers, friends, and family. Great chapters have been written and more are in the making. This is not the end…“

Somit kann man sich also auf TRAIL OF TEARS in neuer Konstellation freuen.

Quelle: Napalm Records

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