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Die schwedischen Death-Thrasher CENTINEX haben sich nach 16 Jahren Bandgeschichte aufgelöst. Die Gründe sind laut Bandstatement sowohl persönlicher als auch musikalischer Natur. Der Farewell-Gig der Band wird am 13. Mai stattfinden. Hier die Stellungnahme der Band:

„We hereby announce that after 16 years in the business the Swedish death metal act CENTINEX call it quits. This might come as a surprise to many of you, especially after releasing such a strong and critically acclaimed album as ‚World Declension‘. However, things came to such a point where the only solution was to call it a day. Without going too deep into all the details I can tell you that there are many reasons (personal, musical etc) for this decision and believe me, everything is well thought out. Hereby we stop all band activities and our farewell show will be the already booked appearance in Eskilstuna, Sweden, on May 13th.

We wanna thank and salute each and everyone out there who have supported us in some way during all these years. Of course, all the members will go on with metal, jointly and individually, in various bands and projects. So you will sure hear from us in the near future.“

Quelle: Blabbermouth

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