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HORSE THE BAND haben Folgendes zu vermelden:

„Unfortunately Jon, our rental drummer from THE NUMBER 12 LOOKS LIKE YOU, needs to go back to perform duties for his real band, so as soon as we get back from the Earth we’ll be starting to audition new drummers.

Obviously you have to be a pretty special character to join this band. We’d prefer someone familiar with the HORSE THE BAND lore, but also normal. You have to have touring experience in really horrible conditions (picking up skin diseases from sleeping on floors, being rejected by ugly chicks, not sleeping for 60 hours or more), not think you are cool, not be way into sitting on your laptop in the „green room“, and be a really good drummer. We want someone who can play all sorts of styles really well and prefer someone who keeps it simple sounding while musically compelling and interesting and energetic.

We’re heading to South America and Africa in the fall and will do a full US/Canada tour in the summer. You’ll make more money than working your job at home. You have to know you wanna tour a lot and don’t mind being away from the USA for long periods of time.

If you’re interested send us an email with youtube links to you playing these 3 songs: Hyperborea, Cutsman, and Sex Raptor. That pretty much covers all the territory you need to know.

If you wanna include bio stuff and pictures that’s fine too. Being black and a girl would be a huge plus. But not necessary.“

Die Webseite der Band findet Ihr unter diesem (Link).

Quelle: Ferret Music

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