Torture Killer
Entern das Studio


TORTURE KILLER werden im November ins Studio einziehen, um den Nachfolger ihres Albums „Swarm!“ aufzunehmen:

„After the basic tracking done in Finland we will move to Hit Factory Miami, where Chris will start laying down the vocal tracks and hopefully the CD will be finished by the end of the year for an early 2008 release. Things are moving along nicely and we are confident that we will have decent death metal album on our hands – The new songs are sounding great, all the „Swarm!“ elements are there and we think we´ve taken another step ahead with our approach on death metal, some really haunting guitar licks combined with a groove and more attacking style, hopefully we can catch all this energy the right way and I´m sure people are definitely going to enjoy this one. More updates, song titles and stuff as things move along. Four songs from our „Swarm!“ album are still available for preview at … if youre coming over for Sauna-open-air or Tuska Festivals this summer be sure to check us out in the aftershowparties on both festivals. These shows will be done with a Finnish line-up. Thank you for the continuing support our brothers and sisters in death metal!“

Mehr Infos zur Band findet Ihr auf ihrer Webseite: (Link)

Quelle: Metal Blade

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