Ancient Rites
...rekrutieren ex-Gitarristen!


Gitarrist Bart Vandereycken, der auch schon bei den ersten beiden ANCIENT RITES-Alben in die Saiten haute, ist als Ersatz für den kürzlich ausgestiegenen Jan Yrlund wieder mit dabei. Gunther sagt dazu: „After all the rip offs we endured in those days, Bart – fed up with the music industry – left the band seven years ago. He has always turned down all other offers from bands to join them (amongst ‚em an offer of Cradle Of Filth before releasing their second album!) because to Bart it was Ancient Rites or nothing. But against all expectations he has just accepted our offer to rejoin the Rites gardes! Rehearsals are already started and I can tell you the vibe of the old days is back. Now we will combine the heaviness of the elder days with the progressive/melodic course of the latest Rites releases. The Ancient Ones ride out again! The Cult continues!“ Seine Live-Rückkehr feiert Bart in Finnland auf dem Numirock Festival.

Quelle: Hammerheart Records

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