Blood Red Throne bei Earache!


BLOOD RED THRONE haben einen Multi-Album-Deal bei Earache Records unterschrieben. Dass bei Seiten mit positiven Worten über diese Entscheidung nicht sparen, ist klar. Im Original klingt das dann so: Earache Label Manager Dan Tobin: „Earache and BLOOD RED THRONE is the perfect match. On the one hand is a label committed to extremity in music, on the other is a band who is ravenous for death metal and ready for the challenge of taking the sound further. We look forward to releasing the band’s brand new material in 2004 and helping them crush as many heads in the process as possible.“ BRT-Mastermind Tchort: „The guys couldn’t be happier about signing to Earache Records at this point. The label’s enthusiasm for the band is undeniable and the feeling is mutual, and we’re proud to be a part of the rich history Earache has within extreme metal, and also to join ranks with some of the most supreme death metal acts around. We have started writing for the third album (‚Altered Genesis‘) and the new material sounds excellent so far. Prepare for a more intense, brutal and viciously groovy 2004 death metal release!“

Quelle: Blabbermouth

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