Callenish Circle
Re-Release zum 12. Geburtstag!


Callenish Circle werden ihre komplette Prä-Metal-Blade-History als Doppel-CD wieder veröffentlichen. Heißen wird das Teil ‚Forbidden Empathy‘ und erscheinen am 20.9. über Karmageddon Media. Es wird ein brandneues Artwork von Niklas Sundin (Cabin Fever Media, a.o. In Flames, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity) entworfen und alle Aufnahmen sind von Berthus Westerhuis in Franky’s Recording Kitchen in Holland digital überarbeitet worden. Hier ein offizielles Statement der Band: „Good news… Callenish Circle celebrates its 12th birthday soon and since most fans only know us from our 2 recent albums (Flesh_Power_Dominion & My Passion//Your Pain, both released on Metal Blade Records) we thought the time was finally there to collect all our ancient material and re-release it as 2-CD on a descent recordlabel with a proper distribution-network. The 2-CD will be sold for a fan-friendly price of a regular CD, so everybody who’s interested in our musical history can get all our previous recordings at once for a fair price. Furthermore we are working on new material and our new (5th) studio-album is to be expected in 2005 on Metal Blade Records again.“ Die Tracklist für „Forbidden Empathy“ sieht so aus: DISC 1: Graceful… yet Forbidding album (’99): 1) No Reason 2) Forgotten 3) Inner Battle (intro) 4) Beyond 5) Broken 6) Oppressed Natives 7) Silent Tears 8) Passionate Dance (intro) 9) Caught by Deceit 10) Shadows of the Past, Escape EP (’98): 11) Silent Tears 12) Epacse 13) Broken 14) Mirror of Serenity; DISC 2: Drift of Empathy album (’96): 1) Inner Sense 2) Mental Affection 3) Slough of Despond 4) Solitude 5) Last Words 6) The Dreamers Path 7) Disguised Ignorance 8) Where the Moon meets the Sea 9) Scars, Lovelorn demo (’95): 10) Slough of Despond 11) Disguised Ignorance 12) Lovelorn 13) Shadows 14) The Dreamers Path * (* taken from the ‚And the Ravens Left the Tower‘ compilation ’96)

Quelle: Karmageddon Media

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