Celtic Frost
Berichten von ihrer Tour


Nachdem sie einen Großteil der Tour hinter sich haben, berichteten CELTIC FROST in einem Statement nun von ihren Erlebnissen:

„As we are preparing to write the last chapter of the „Monotheist“ tour by playing our first ever concerts in Australia and appearing yet again at various festivals across Europe this summer, it is time to reflect on the
events of the past months.

Celtic Frost’s most recent show, on May 20, 2007, in Athens, Greece, was the 115th concert of the „Monotheist“ tour. Since May 29, 2006, the date of
Celtic Frost’s first concert in 16 years, we played Europe’s most significant metal festivals and then crossed the Atlantic to perform 46 shows in the US and Canada, making this the most extensive tour of North
America in Celtic Frost’s history.

This was followed, in January 2007, by our first concerts in Japan and, in March and April, by our most comprehensive tour of Europe so far. We then returned to the United States for a further 25 concerts in April and May, this time as special guests to Type O Negative, taking the total number of concerts played by Celtic Frost in North America since September of last
year to 71. Celtic Frost then returned to Europe to play two further concerts in Greece.

The reactions we encountered during almost all of these shows were overwhelmingly positive. There were a great many concerts which can only be described as truly magic. We owe our audiences immense gratitude, for it is them who have made this huge undertaking, and, indeed, the return of Celtic Frost, possible in the first place. We feel deeply honored to find ourselves
in their circle. Much gratitude and respect are also due to Type O Negative and their crew for both their friendship and the amazingly generous treatment extended to us.

The Frost bows to all of you.“

Ihr findet Ihre Webseite unter diesem (Link).

Quelle: Promotion Century Media Records

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