...springen von Decapitated-Tour ab!


DETONATION sind nicht länger Teil der ‚Sensual Sickness Tour 2005‘ mit DECAPITATED, GOREROTTED und DAM. Hier ein Statement der Band, die ein paar Gigs trotzdem spielen wird:

„The tour bus originally ordered broke down shortly before the tour, and the spare bus contained too few sleeping places for four bands and crew to fit in. Due to the risk of accidents and lack of insurance one band had to leave the bus, unfortunately being Detonation.
We very sorry to disappoint everyone who was looking forward to seeing us and promise to make up for this as soon as possible. We have been able to secure playing on a few of the UK dates by arranging our own transport.
The dates we will be playing are:
2005-09-20 Jilly’s Rockworld, Manchester (UK)
2005-09-21 Bierkeller, Bristol (UK)
2005-09-22 Joseph’s Well, Leeds (UK)
2005-09-23 Edwards No 8, Birmingham (UK)
2005-09-24 Camden Underworld, London (UK)
2005-09-25 Patronaat, Haarlem (NL), festival with Vader, Rotting Christ, Anorexia Nervosa and Divine Empire

We’re currently working on playing the last 3 shows of the tour as well, but nothing is certain at this moment. These 3 shows are:
2005-09-30 K17, Berlin (GER)
2005-10-01 Hagalaz e. V., Elterlein (GER)
2005-10-02 Rockpool Arena, Halle (GER)
We’ll keep you posted through our website((Link)) about these shows. All other shows are CANCELLED.“

Quelle: Osmose

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