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Die angelsächsischen Epic Metaller FOREFATHER haben die Arbeiten an ihrem vierten Album „Ours Is The Kingdom“ abgeschlossen. Hier die Tracklist: 1. The Shield-Wall, 2. Ours is the Kingdom, 3. Proud to be Proud, 4. The Golden Dragon, 5. Smashed by Fate, 6. The Sea-Kings, 7. To The Mountains They Fled, 8. The Folk That Time Forgot, 9. Threads of Time, 10. Keep Marching On, 11. Rebel of the Marshlands, 12. Wudugast. Wulftstan kommentiert die Scheibe so: „With „Ours is the Kingdom“ we’ve taken Anglo-Saxon Metal to new heights of intensity and power. This time round we consciously focused on shorter, faster songs whilst still retaining the epic elements we’re known for. The result is the most varied and compelling album we’ve produced to date and the best representation of the unique Forefather style. It’s been a long time in the making but we think most will agree that it’s definitely been worth the wait!“ Und hier das Artwork: „The idea was to symbolise the downfall of Christianity and the reclaimation of our kingdom from its spiritual and political grip, and once again Chrille Andersson has done a fantastic job. The artwork as a whole has an excellent deathly, decaying atmosphere bringing to mind the idea of a dead civilisation that has outstayed its welcome. The iconic image of the skeletal crusader is a powerful statement for the cover.“ Aufgenommen wurde die Scheibe im The Croft Recording Studio in England. Für das Artwork zeichnet sich C.A. Interactive (u.a. Morifade & Skyfire) verantwortlich. Als VÖ-Datum ist der 31.5. ins Auge gefasst. Ein Sneak Preview und mehr Infos gibt es auf (Link).

Quelle: Karmageddon Media

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