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RIBSPREADER, die schwedische Old-School-Keule bestehend aus Gitarrist/Vocalist/Bassist Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, CARVE, HUMANITY DELETE), Gitarrist/Bassist Andreas Carlsson (ANOTHER LIFE) und Drummer/Gitarrist Dan Swanö (BLOODBATH, EDGE OF SANITY, NIGHTINGALE), haben bekannt gegeben, dass ihr nächstes Album bereits vollkommen fertig geschrieben ist und im September aufgenommen werden soll. Hier das komplette Statement: „The next album is now completely written and will be recorded early September. No set title yet, check the site and you will be first to know. We’ve put together a bunch of new, yet retardedly old-school sounding songs, and without talking shit, they all blow our previous material to pieces. It’s at all times both faster, slower, heavier, sicker and more eager to rip your flesh than anything we’ve done, and the brutality reeks from tracks like ‚Not Dead But Buried‘, ‚Maggots (Fucking Maggots)‘ and ‚Worms Inside Your Coffin‘, just to name a few of them. The artwork is as freaky as the music and looks absolutely killer, totally in the same vein as the debut album cover. And for all you wining brutality freaks, we’ve also chosen to incorporate some double-bass drum work in the sound this time, just to be able to fuck you over a bit more thorough than last time…“ Die VÖ ist für Anfang 2005 angesetzt.

Quelle: Blabbermouth

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