Die Norweger STONEGARD, die erst Anfang September ihr aktuelles Album „From Dusk Till Doom“ veröffentlicht hatten, haben sich aufgrund interner Differenzen aufgelöst. Die geplante Tour im Vorprogramm von ENSLAVED werden sie damit nicht mehr bestreiten. Nachfolgend das Statement der Band:

„The Darkest Hour has arrived..

Due to internal conflicts and disagreements Stonegard has decided to cease as a band. In the best Rock N..Roll tradition we could not find a way to continue our work together, and therefore chose to put an end to things right away. Stonegard will not join Enslaved for the announced European tour in November/December, and we are truly sorry to disappoint everyone that was looking forward to seeing the band live this fall. Mostly it has been an incredible joyride, and we hope you all appreciated what we added to the scene. We will most definitely be back in different shapes and constellations so keep your eyes and more importantly ears open. A special thanks to all our fans that has been with us throughout the years – you made this special for us – Thank you!


Erlend, Torgrim, Håvard & Ronny“


- Dreaming in Red -

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