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Metal Blade Records haben die Hardcore’ler von UNEARTH unter Vertrag genommen. Hier einige offizielle Stimmen dazu: „We are extremely excited and honored to be able to work with Unearth. They are one of the leading bands of the new generation and we can’t wait to get started helping them achieve success.“ (Brian Slagel Owner/CEO Metal Blade Records) „The guys couldn’t be happier about signing to Metal Blade. The entire staff at MB, especially President Mike Faley and Owner Brian Slagel, have made it clear to us that we will get a major push and never be asked to compromise our artistic freedom. Signing this deal will allow us to continue with our vision of bringing real music back to the forefront while sticking with a grass roots label that has done nothing but stand behind heavy music for over 20 years. We also want to welcome a new member into the fold. Mike Justain, of The Red Chord fame, will take on drumming duties for us shortly after the Headbangers Ball tour. With our original drummer, Mike Rudberg, leaving months ago for personal reasons, Justain seems to be the perfect fit for our style and personality. No worries though, Justain will remain with The Red Chord. We are huge fans of the band and would hate to see them disband. We want to thank Eulogy Recordings for being a great home for us for the past three years. We will always work with Eulogy with our past releases and at least one more future project. As for now, thanks to the fans and everyone who has supported us. Our next full length will be out on Metal Blade sometime next spring. It will be by far the heaviest and best thing we have ever done.“ (UNEARTH)

Galerie mit 27 Bildern: Unearth - European Tour 2020 in Oberhausen
Quelle: Metal Blade Records

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