Neues Album in der Mache


Clawfinger Frontmann Zak Tell hat folgende Message auf der bandeigenen Homepage hinterlassen:

„Our new studio/demo recording/songwriting room is now ready, everything neccessary to make new music is now in place and finally we can get down to business! The plan is simply to write songs until we have enough material for a seventh album.

„Who the fuck thought we’d still be here all these albums and years later?! Not me, I can tell you!

„Anyway, now it’s time to find out if we’ve still got what it takes to create that special CLAWFINGER blend. I’m excited, scared, hopeful and doubtful all in one… that’s just the way I am!“

Galerie mit 18 Bildern: Clawfinger - Summer Breeze Open Air 2019

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18.11. - 19.11.22Metal Hammer Paradise 2022 (Festival)Eisbrecher, Sepultura, Sodom, Clawfinger, Tiamat, Sacred Reich, Crowbar, Temperance, In Extremo, Doro, J.B.O., Primal Fear, Rhapsody Of Fire, The Night Flight Orchestra, Axxis, Night Demon, Crematory, Dragony und KnifeFerienpark Weissenhäuser Strand, Wangels